Need for Speed

I went out tonight to watch the 132 min Need for Speed movie and got exactly what i expected which are the following:

  • sexy fast cars (i’m not into cars and i was like :o :o :o when i saw them)
  • crazy chases & stunts
  • street racing
  • nicely done explosions
  • a lot of drifting
  • cheesy acting
  • some humor

If you’re expecting something else, don’t watch it. A lot of users/people started comparing it to the The Fast and the Furious. I don’t believe that the movie is trying to be like or imitate it and i don’t believe Aaron Paul should be compared to Paul Walker (RIP). Each movie has it’s own setting and story for a different purpose. Just go and enjoy it.

For the above mentioned bullet points, i easily rate it @ 7/10 and here’s the Full Length Trailer:

Hello world!

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